Western Turkey is a cultural and natural treasure trove. Enduring a succession of conquerors and dynasties from the Hittites, Greeks and Romans, to Byzantine emperors, Crusader soldiers and Ottoman pashas, and home to the 'Turquoise Coast", it is no wonder that this region's historic sites and unrivalled natural beauty are the most popular tourist destinations in Turkey. Latmos Travel takes you off the beaten path against the backdrop of breathtaking Bafa Lake and the extraordinarily craggy Latmos Mountain range, or to follow long-distance walking trails with spectacular views of the ocean. We take you into the deepest rural Turkey surviving within an hour’s drive of wildly frequented Bodrum and Kuşadası. 

Day-hikers, walking clubs, overnight trekkers, outdoor enthusiasts and naturalists of all varieties will immediately recognize the immense value of these beautiful surroundings and the unspoiled taste of village culture that is part of every tour.